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About FSH

Est. Minneapolis, 2020

Community medicine is community defense!


​​​Freedom Street Health was founded during the 2020 uprising by a small group of medics who recognized the importance of collective, quality community care and medicine. In the years since our founding, Freedom Street Health has grown to include more than 20 medical professionals at various certification levels, including WFR, TCCC-CLS, EMT-B, EMT-P, RN, BSN, and medical students. Freedom Street Health believes that all comrades past, present, and future should feel empowered to care for themselves. FSH democratizes education and resources, making care not just accessible but available, empowering those historically disenfranchised by the medical industrial complex. We affirm that care is a culture that communities engage in and practice daily - from preventative care, to harm reduction practices, to crisis response.

Read more about our org and why community medicine is important in our zine!

We are financially sustained entirely by donations. If you'd like to contribute toward our efforts of mutual aid and education, visit our Open Collective.

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